Meeting consumer needs…

“Green” is a mainstream issue in our society today – it’s on everybody’s radar. Environmental and sustainable initiatives are everywhere and it’s not going away-It’s growing annually at over 20% in our category alone. What’s good for the planet is now good business.  Consumers are respondingto this desire to start being mindful of the everyday materials and products we use.

The answer:  Renewable and sustainable materials that go back to nature and don’t pollute is what its all about!

We are all in a unique position to help move markets and change the paradigm and help people feel good about themselves and make the right choices. Our products provide a fabulous opportunity to do the right thing-at the right price- and also promote commitment to green initiatives. Look what’s happening in the world around us – governments, corporations and the public- all have the desire to be green – most just talk the talk – but we are working to provide them with a way to actually walk the walk.

We are purposely bridging the gap wherever possible on pricing to make green competitive for our Retailer partners and Consumers. Our aim is to constantly strive to bring new innovative quality Eco-friendly product to market.

Key Benefits for Retailer/Wholesaler

We Have a Strong desire to bridge the gap on costs of Eco Friendly & sustainable materials for mass consumption –we insure that our pricing will support your bottom line. Your Bottom Line is our key to success!

  • We have found that giving back is one of the keys to promoting customer loyalty and creating positive cognitive response with our brands . We consistently reward our returning customers – Our national programs have been designed to insure customer loyalty with rebates and other reward programs as well as seasonal marketing incentives
  • We also provide a generous loyalty program to participating retailers customized for their individual size to promote loyalty at the wholesale level.
  • The Top Line Benefits have been proven to be substantial in using our products – Our Merchandise is currently available in the largest national accounts in the USA and Internationally as well.

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